Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Quah's Production...

Everyone should wondering.. when this Quah turn out to be a video maker?!~.. huhu~ but making video is very fun and memorable!!~ especially when I look back the product that I have did.. IT IS TOTALLY TOUCHING AND FEELING DEEP!!!~ who inspire me to interest in this type of stuff?.. This have to thanks to my classmate in KMM~ Afif.. He did quite a number of video that is.. wow~ fanstactic!! (he got 2 production that is beeing wacthing life on youtube now!~) His production in making video for BiologyFair08/09 is really best!!.. touching when see back this video.. this video talks about all the preparation we have done for the fair.. Touching!!~.. Now.. let's review Quah's production....

Quah's 1st production:

My 1st production.. Title: My glallery... This production is specially made for my SI(sainsinfomatik) project.. since this is my 1st production.. the tecqnic I used is just simple.. pictures pop out 1by 1 without zooming or adding any special effects.. It's about 6minutes long.. Wow!~.. My 1st production is 6minutes!~(actually i just throw all the pictures inside.. huhu~^^) Inside my 1st production.. I put on the sajak that i write it myself!!~..(this have to thanks to my KMM classmate~ syimir who give me the idea on writing out the sajak with length of 1 full page!~) However.. My 1st production was not succesful as what is beeing expect..(I finish it in half hour!!~) becouse I have to pass up my project on the next day.. huhu~

Quah's 2nd production:

My most succesful product!!!~.. and now is beeing watching life on youtube!!~.. This video is specially made to all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!~ on 15MAR2009~ our Birthday!!~ H3P8 Forever and Ever!!~.. This video is about 13minutes in length!!~.. due to uploading to youtube's purpose, I have to cut it in 3parts.. with 3 diffrent song.. This video, entitle H3P8 The Movie, is full with all the sweet memories on our class before 15MAR09.. and.. the great diffrent from my 1st production is that~~ the tecqnic i used!!~.. and inside this video, it contain all the faces of members H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~..(actually all that pictures is pictures that taken from our matrix's card.. that's why most of us seem to be blur.. huhu~)

About my 2nd production.. the 1st part is intro.. all is about our members.. the scene includes H3P8 Dinamika nitz and BioFair08/09 the preparation.. those faces that beeing intro here include :
The fans of MU~ [p0g0h]
The cool girl~[yuni]
The kelantanease gal~[ilfah]
The 1&only~[kak wani]
The speaker~[afufu]
The princess~[syimir]
The thin&tallest~[leng]
The second part is all about the sweet memories that our class have taste before.. BioFair08/09 The day.. Lawatan ALAM and Lawatan Zoo and Taman Mini Malaysia.. those who are intro here include:
The playboy~[bull]
The raja lawak~[akila]
The gorgeous~[ana]
The comel~[seha]
The cute kong~[syimah]
The singer~[peeka]
With the eyes close~[quah]
The catwomen~[za8]
The royalty~[ain]
The third part.. all is about us.. our class.. the part that is most sad.. all of us.. Quah miss you guys!!~.. with this song~ KENANGAN TERINDAH~ tear will runing down everytimes I view this!!~.. IT'S REALLY TOUCHING AND FEELING DEEP!!!~..
The kalut~[adzha]
The twins~[izzat]
The rock~[fathiah]
The helping hand~[afiqah]
En. Megat's scandal~[mas]
In memory~[fahana]
The hot mama~[dilla]
The quite~[akma]
The queen~[kak leha]
The princess in love~[shishi]

Quah's 3rd production:

My third production: the most effort to do this!!~.. my 1st production that consist of video!! not pictures!! Title: H3P8 The Last Movie.. the same.. this movie is also made to all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!~ this movie consists of recording from all of us about "my life in KMM" and "comment to H3P8".. due to sensitive issue, this movie is keep in private and wont expose to anyone expect members of H3P8 only.. this movie is 1 and 1/2hour!!!~.. it also consists of comments from all our lecturers to our class!!~

Quah's 4th production:

COMING SOON on youtube!!!~..

I not yet start my 4th production.. Title: My Legend in KMM.. this video will talk about my life in KMM.. all the memories.. 1year memories.. and it's still under planing.. it tooks time to make it.. huhu~.. so.. my fans.. my 4th production will be there soon.. dont miss it..^^~

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  1. wah quah,
    after dis kalo i denga u bukak production house, i ta tkejut taw
    u bleh pggil i jd model pun leh
    berangan je i ni :DD