Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Day

Today, 26th May 2009 will be my last day in penang again.. tomorrow will go to KL and start the another stage of my life~ uni-student life.. I like that kind of life.. freedom~ independent~ explorable~ it's fun~ but somehow.. my mind still stucking.. many things need to be settle and think about..

Just settle all my luggage.. my shirt is too many.. 1bag is insufficient.. @.@ haha~ all together I got 4 big bags to take and 2school bags on my shoulder.. it's a long journey~

My last day~ full with different kind of feeling.. exciting.. worrying.. think this.. think that.. haiz~ soon need to adjust to new environment.. new friends.. new roomates.. new classmates and new lecturer.. all this rush into my mind in a split of second.. but somehow..

I know that i can cope with this.. just like 1year ago.. go to melaka alone and explore myself..


will be my 3states that I grow at.. my memories.. my life~

need to go soon~ miss you all guys~ will only online if I got chance in UM.. take care and goodluck~

Goodluck for all those who will go to uni soon..^^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

To all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST~~

This post is specially wrote for all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST..
Actually.. everytime when I am typing the words " H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST".. There is a sense of... somethings... somethings that can't explaine about.. even we are not in class H3P8 anymore.. even we are ex-matrican now.. but.. we still using the word "H3P8" to describe us.. it seem to be like it is with us since we step into KMM.. "matriculation-KMM-H3P8" three words that will automatically come to our mind when we talk about matrix..

Here.. there is some planing here..(just plan.. just want.. but not yet comfirm..).. that.. kak shishi and quah will like to organise a reunion party for H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST badge 08/09 at KL.. since most of us get ukm and upm... but maybe the plan can works.. not sure.. not everyone have free time~

There is a annoucement here.. for your information:

quah um maths
leng ukm forensic
zahidah ump engineering
adzha ukm medic
salleha (under kementerian kesihatan) nursing
shimah utm human resources
afif ums e-dagang
kak shishi upm bacelor sn pembangunan manusia
aiman none none
syimir usm nursing
seha usm maths
ayuni upm bchelor sains n ksihatan
fyqa unimap biosystem engineering
dalila upsi sns pertanian
akila utm account
hana ums food service
mas uitm sns comp
peeka uitm sns comp
p0g0h uitm sns math pengurusan

*for those who got more infomation than me.. add it to comment or contact me personally. I will update this as soon as possible..

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Sharp Corner in My life...

19june 2009 morning 11:37:42am, a click on my computer.. typing my ic number.. then hit send.. a page come out.. I put my head down.. my eye suddenly went blur.. from top I scanning down..

Quah Khai Yan

and.. ya.. this is me.. I am on the right page.. I keep scanning downward..


This wake me up.. UM?!.. not bad then.. my heart is burning.. exciting.. my eye turn shiny.. my blood is running fast.. suddenly....

Taniah.. Anda ditawarkan kursus yang berikut:
major maths

MY GOD!!!!.. my eye turn black.. my heart stop pumping.. my hand stun.. I open my eye and see the screen again and again.. ya.. no mistake there.. my eye is doing his job.. my eye said it's maths..

Everyone have his/her own dreams.. the ambition.. it's so important that someone have to depend on it to keep survive in this century.. me.. too.. has my own dreams.. after studied organic chemistry in matriculation,I found that the molecule is fun and I start to falling in love with her.. so I decided that pharmacy will be my future job,my career.. but.. starting from 19jun2009 morning 11:37:42am.. my thin-glass heart fall down and ~piang~.. it is broken.. I suddenly fall into darkness.. nothing..

Maths?!.. ya.. I am good in maths.. but what can I do with maths?!.. although you may say that why I am so emotion since I get into UM,dream uni for most students.. although you may say that I am so greedy that since I already has UM in my hand.. but.. here.. I want to say that:

what is the difference between 2 similar shoes with one is rm300 but the other is rm60??
The difference is that rm300 shoe has a nike logo on it but rm60 none..


I will more happy if I get a pharmacy in xxx university compared to UM maths..

I turn off my computer and lying on my bed.. keep my eye close.. ya.. somehow.. I got somethings that is related to maths.. it seem to be like I can't go on with my life without it.. everyone like/master/interest on that subject due to a particular reasons.. but if you gonna ask me why I like maths, I will thinking deep and at the end I will say.. no answer for that.. it's with me since I was born.. and.. I just like it..

Faith.. and I believe on it.. EVERYTHINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON.. my little sister tell me this.. and ya.. it's true.. when I was standard6.. my dad appy Heng Yi High School for me and I was very happy.. and I am accepted initially.. after 2days,the school call to my dad and say sorry for the mistake.. again.. my heart breaks.. and I have to take my secondary study in Sacred Heart High School.. today.. I flash back.. IF.. I don't study in SHHS, I won't succesful as what I am today.. it teach me a lot.. and I feel that I should be happy with the rejection from Heng Yi..

Again.. after SPM.. where to go?.. I have made my plan.. I wanna go for form6 and doing well there.. I brought form6 books start reading even the SPM result is not yet out.. but.. again.. a sharp corner.. I get matrix.. after doing a hard decition.. I go.. and.. from 12may2008 till 17april2009.. I NEVER REGRET I WAS THERE.. and I have a wonderful 18 in KMM.. the memories.. bury deep in soul.. I won't get this if I go for form6..

Now.. I plan to go for pharmacy.. but it turn out to be maths.. and now.. I believe in faith.. it should lead me to where I should be.. may be I will glad that I get this and not pharmacy..

My life is changes from stage to stage.. and every stage I grow.. I learn.. I fall and I get up and continue my time line.. sometime the decition is not in our hand.. we have to accept the harsh decition and keep it on with a pure heart full with hope.. and may be someday.. you will find that this should be the path you should take..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

-The Results-

Today~ matrix result out!!!!... and after i check it.. I very scare to press the enter key on my keyboard.. It is too NERVOUS!!!.. but.. luckily.. what is appear on screen is..

PNGK: 4.00

i JUMP UP!!~ happy!!~.. All my hardwork finally come to success!!~ ...

To all my friends who are also taking exam now:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Quah's Production...

Everyone should wondering.. when this Quah turn out to be a video maker?!~.. huhu~ but making video is very fun and memorable!!~ especially when I look back the product that I have did.. IT IS TOTALLY TOUCHING AND FEELING DEEP!!!~ who inspire me to interest in this type of stuff?.. This have to thanks to my classmate in KMM~ Afif.. He did quite a number of video that is.. wow~ fanstactic!! (he got 2 production that is beeing wacthing life on youtube now!~) His production in making video for BiologyFair08/09 is really best!!.. touching when see back this video.. this video talks about all the preparation we have done for the fair.. Touching!!~.. Now.. let's review Quah's production....

Quah's 1st production:

My 1st production.. Title: My glallery... This production is specially made for my SI(sainsinfomatik) project.. since this is my 1st production.. the tecqnic I used is just simple.. pictures pop out 1by 1 without zooming or adding any special effects.. It's about 6minutes long.. Wow!~.. My 1st production is 6minutes!~(actually i just throw all the pictures inside.. huhu~^^) Inside my 1st production.. I put on the sajak that i write it myself!!~..(this have to thanks to my KMM classmate~ syimir who give me the idea on writing out the sajak with length of 1 full page!~) However.. My 1st production was not succesful as what is beeing expect..(I finish it in half hour!!~) becouse I have to pass up my project on the next day.. huhu~

Quah's 2nd production:

My most succesful product!!!~.. and now is beeing watching life on youtube!!~.. This video is specially made to all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!~ on 15MAR2009~ our Birthday!!~ H3P8 Forever and Ever!!~.. This video is about 13minutes in length!!~.. due to uploading to youtube's purpose, I have to cut it in 3parts.. with 3 diffrent song.. This video, entitle H3P8 The Movie, is full with all the sweet memories on our class before 15MAR09.. and.. the great diffrent from my 1st production is that~~ the tecqnic i used!!~.. and inside this video, it contain all the faces of members H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~..(actually all that pictures is pictures that taken from our matrix's card.. that's why most of us seem to be blur.. huhu~)

About my 2nd production.. the 1st part is intro.. all is about our members.. the scene includes H3P8 Dinamika nitz and BioFair08/09 the preparation.. those faces that beeing intro here include :
The fans of MU~ [p0g0h]
The cool girl~[yuni]
The kelantanease gal~[ilfah]
The 1&only~[kak wani]
The speaker~[afufu]
The princess~[syimir]
The thin&tallest~[leng]
The second part is all about the sweet memories that our class have taste before.. BioFair08/09 The day.. Lawatan ALAM and Lawatan Zoo and Taman Mini Malaysia.. those who are intro here include:
The playboy~[bull]
The raja lawak~[akila]
The gorgeous~[ana]
The comel~[seha]
The cute kong~[syimah]
The singer~[peeka]
With the eyes close~[quah]
The catwomen~[za8]
The royalty~[ain]
The third part.. all is about us.. our class.. the part that is most sad.. all of us.. Quah miss you guys!!~.. with this song~ KENANGAN TERINDAH~ tear will runing down everytimes I view this!!~.. IT'S REALLY TOUCHING AND FEELING DEEP!!!~..
The kalut~[adzha]
The twins~[izzat]
The rock~[fathiah]
The helping hand~[afiqah]
En. Megat's scandal~[mas]
In memory~[fahana]
The hot mama~[dilla]
The quite~[akma]
The queen~[kak leha]
The princess in love~[shishi]

Quah's 3rd production:

My third production: the most effort to do this!!~.. my 1st production that consist of video!! not pictures!! Title: H3P8 The Last Movie.. the same.. this movie is also made to all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!~ this movie consists of recording from all of us about "my life in KMM" and "comment to H3P8".. due to sensitive issue, this movie is keep in private and wont expose to anyone expect members of H3P8 only.. this movie is 1 and 1/2hour!!!~.. it also consists of comments from all our lecturers to our class!!~

Quah's 4th production:

COMING SOON on youtube!!!~..

I not yet start my 4th production.. Title: My Legend in KMM.. this video will talk about my life in KMM.. all the memories.. 1year memories.. and it's still under planing.. it tooks time to make it.. huhu~.. so.. my fans.. my 4th production will be there soon.. dont miss it..^^~

Friday, May 15, 2009

[H3P8] tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~

When we talk about KMM.. the 1st word that come to my mind is " H3P8".. my class(hayat3 pratikum8).. really happening.. memorable.. unforgettable..

This is the 1st time that Quah have so many malay classmates(just 2 chinese in the class) and yet they leave me a scar in my soul and mind..

The 1st day in the class~~ ice breaking.. the intro.. everyone try to know everyone and get close to each others.. 1st gal I know in this class -- leng.. we often study and play around together.. next.. the guys.. aiman..ewan p0g0h..adzha..afif..izzat.. it's fun to know you guys!~.. after that izzat have been choosen as our ketua pratikum(PM1 Bapa Kemerdekaan[may08~aug08]) izzat is a nice guy but.. he choose to go to mesir after getting tawaran there.. (miss you~) .. me, Quah.. have been choosen as (PM2 Bapa Pembangunan[aug08~apr09]) ... Here.. Quah nak say thanks to all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~~ thanks to give me the chance to lead you all!!!~~ Quah kat sini nak minta maaf kal0 mase Quah jadi ketua pratikum ade terkeluar kate-kate yg menyinggung perasaan kamu semua ke.. masa nak minta $ kelas tu mungkin kasar sikit ke.. sori la..( ala.. ade yg x nak bagi.. nak buat macam mane kan..) huhu~ Quah kat sini p0n nak thanks kpd penolong kite-- kak shef!~(NPM Ibu Perpaduan[may08~apr09]).. yg banyak tolong Quah beres ini beres itu..(sori la kal0 Quah selalu minta ini minta itu.. ^^)

Next.. all the sweet memories that we(H3P8) have taste it before:
1AUG08 ~Dinamika nitz~
This photo is memorable!!!~
This is our dinamika nitz (universelitate night).. All of us wear cantik2 and handsome2 to have this dinner.. and what the most memorable is that~~ H3P8 win the most prizes!~.. the best gal in suit~[akma].. the best guy in suit~[afif].. the best guy speaker~[afif].. the best gal speaker~[za8].. and.. the Queen of the nitz~~ [kak leha]!!!~~.. proud to be H3P8!!!~

21FEB Biofair08/09
Biofair is a fair that 48 classes in life science come out with their own model and present it to the lecturers.. we all compete for prizes!~.. As a leader in H3P8.. Quah divides us to a few department(dept).. :

leader Biofair: [Quah], [kak shef]

Model dept~ [seha], [syimah], [za8]

Multimedia dept~ [afifi]

Decoration dept~ [peeka]

Phamplet dept~ [yuni]

secretory&tressurer~ [syimir]&[leng]

photographer~ [p0g0h],[yuni]

presenter~ [Quah],[afif],[syimir],[za8]

all the supporting hand~ [H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST]

Kat sini: Quah nak say thanks beribu-ribu kali!!!.. to all tne CEO in every dept.. thanks for the cooperation and your sacrification!!!.. Quah tau demi project ini ade yg sacrify so much that ade yg tdo berapa jam je.. ( Quah hanya tidor 2jam demi project ini but Quah rase: IT IS WORTH!!!) sampai the next day nak present Quah bangun lewat and Quah pakai baju melayu yg adzha pinjam in 1minute!!!.. s0ri for lewat~ huhu~..

Our booth: H3P8 human and environment
Thx to Decoration dept(peeka)^^

This is our model!!!

Masih ingat x semasa friday night.. Quah and za8 bawak model kite masuk ke dewan.. SEMUA ORG TENGOK KAT MODEL KITE JE!!! megah gila Quah masa tu~~


Walaup0n kite berjuang 7jam(8am~3pm).. walaup0n at the end kite x dpt p0n 1 hadiah.. sagu hati p0n x ade.. tapi kat sini Quah buat satu pengumuman:



H3P8 Forever and Ever!!!~

28FEB 09~Lawatan Zoo~
Lawatan Zoo~~ it's fun!!.. it is under our kelab pencinta alam.. and..
we did a stupid things at Taman Mini Malaysia there.. we stun for a few minits!!!.. wakaka..^^ it's fun to play around with u guys!~..
This photo is cool~ huhu^^

15MAR09 ~Birthday H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~

H3P8 Forever and Ever!!!.. our cake.. blackforest~ yummy!~
Today.. is our class birthday!!!.. we eat cake and have bbq!!~.. (thanks to p0g0h and adzha.. the chicken.. yummy!!~ ) afterthat we have gift exchange!!~.. MEMORABLE!!~(Quah's 2nd production is made for birthday H3P8.. )

2APR09 ~H3P8 The Last Class~

All of us is wearing pinkish purple during our last class!!
Our last day class.. taste of tear is there.. we capture many class photo with our lecturers.. happy, fun but yet.. time passing too fast.. 1year at matrix finally come to the end..

All The Members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~


Now.. let's view Quah's 2nd production:

Hello guys~.. nice to see you again.. Here.. I would like to share about my diaries when I was in KMM.. unforgettable, indescribable.. as I was falling in sleep on 12MAY2008.. the most long, nice, and sweetest nap.. all the things, memories that was happen there, all become my dreams when I was falling in sleep.. and now.. till I wake up.. 17APR2009.. all my dreams gone.. all.. all gone.. my life, my memories, my friends and every things... if I have a chance to choose.. i will choose not to wake up forever and ever..

When i get the tawaran from matrix, I almost shock.. I got melaka!~.. place that I have't explore before.. and the worst is.. me myseft, will face all this alone.. no friends.. nothings.. zero.. but my mind tell me somethings: kent.. it is time to explore.. time to grow and time to find yourself, your identity in a new world.. without any thinking, I pack up my things and start my journey..

My frist view when I saw Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka(KMM).. is full of exciting, intresting, amazing, hope,and fun... when I was 1st day there for the pendaftaran, there are thousand of people, all came from diffrent educational background, diffrent races, and diffrent places.. after getting the key( my room C3.1.2, clusterC3, 1st floor, 2nd room) and go inside.. ohhh~~ my god~ what is this?!.. huhu~.. you can see clearly that blocks on the wall!!.. no paint to cover on it.. like a room for prisoner.. the ash is about 1mm thick!!.. I have to clean it even I am very tired that time.. after some cleaning and put on my mickey bed sheet.. wow~.. so cute my room..^^ Huhu~ cute?.. hehe.. everyone there are provided with 1bed, 1chair and table, and 1locker.. I am very glad that my locker is besi..(becouse only 1st floor's locker is besi, others is made of wood as wood is not save if you bring any "sweetheart" like laptop etc).

The 1st friends I know in KMM, ~kuek~.. he is just in front my door.. everyday will see him when i open my door.. ^^ he is chung ling product.. made in CHHS penang.. kaka~ next is siang.. meet him in LTK8.. our head~ king scout from ASC, perak, setiawan.. we have fun there and everyday 6pm we will walk to kafeB dinner(most gal will wait there to look for this 3handsome~ huhu^^) we even stimbot at siang's room!~ it's fun!~

from left to right:[siang], me,[kuek]

After that we tubuh a club~"moonlight club".. our gang will sit at dataran and enjoy the moonlight.. the moon there is very beutiful..(but moon at penang is more beutiful..^^) then we will sembang and talk.. anythings.. till the pak guard come and halau us.. huhu~ the gals in moonlight club: shan and leng..from left to right: [leng], [shan](this photo is taken inside toilet.. ^^)

Others members of moonlight club: [josephine], [sue ying], [alan], [ain].. Miss you all~~

Next.. my roomate~.. there are 4person in a room.. my roomate: [arif], [syafiq], [salla]... the one that teman me the most~ arif.. we often sembang anythings.. from agama to politik.. it's fun~ huhu^^..
from left to right: [arif], me

Next.. all the chinease from kuliah H3.. this photo is taken on our last day kuliah.. it's memorable!~..
Besides all this.. the story not yet end.. when you ask me what can you share about KMM.. the 1st things that come to my mind is: my class~ H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~... dont miss my story there~ coming soon..(there are too many I am going to write about my class.. I have to write on a new post or.. my fingers will injure.. huhu^^) follow me and wait my intresting story!~