Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello guys~.. nice to see you again.. Here.. I would like to share about my diaries when I was in KMM.. unforgettable, indescribable.. as I was falling in sleep on 12MAY2008.. the most long, nice, and sweetest nap.. all the things, memories that was happen there, all become my dreams when I was falling in sleep.. and now.. till I wake up.. 17APR2009.. all my dreams gone.. all.. all gone.. my life, my memories, my friends and every things... if I have a chance to choose.. i will choose not to wake up forever and ever..

When i get the tawaran from matrix, I almost shock.. I got melaka!~.. place that I have't explore before.. and the worst is.. me myseft, will face all this alone.. no friends.. nothings.. zero.. but my mind tell me somethings: kent.. it is time to explore.. time to grow and time to find yourself, your identity in a new world.. without any thinking, I pack up my things and start my journey..

My frist view when I saw Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka(KMM).. is full of exciting, intresting, amazing, hope,and fun... when I was 1st day there for the pendaftaran, there are thousand of people, all came from diffrent educational background, diffrent races, and diffrent places.. after getting the key( my room C3.1.2, clusterC3, 1st floor, 2nd room) and go inside.. ohhh~~ my god~ what is this?!.. huhu~.. you can see clearly that blocks on the wall!!.. no paint to cover on it.. like a room for prisoner.. the ash is about 1mm thick!!.. I have to clean it even I am very tired that time.. after some cleaning and put on my mickey bed sheet.. wow~.. so cute my room..^^ Huhu~ cute?.. hehe.. everyone there are provided with 1bed, 1chair and table, and 1locker.. I am very glad that my locker is besi..(becouse only 1st floor's locker is besi, others is made of wood as wood is not save if you bring any "sweetheart" like laptop etc).

The 1st friends I know in KMM, ~kuek~.. he is just in front my door.. everyday will see him when i open my door.. ^^ he is chung ling product.. made in CHHS penang.. kaka~ next is siang.. meet him in LTK8.. our head~ king scout from ASC, perak, setiawan.. we have fun there and everyday 6pm we will walk to kafeB dinner(most gal will wait there to look for this 3handsome~ huhu^^) we even stimbot at siang's room!~ it's fun!~

from left to right:[siang], me,[kuek]

After that we tubuh a club~"moonlight club".. our gang will sit at dataran and enjoy the moonlight.. the moon there is very beutiful..(but moon at penang is more beutiful..^^) then we will sembang and talk.. anythings.. till the pak guard come and halau us.. huhu~ the gals in moonlight club: shan and leng..from left to right: [leng], [shan](this photo is taken inside toilet.. ^^)

Others members of moonlight club: [josephine], [sue ying], [alan], [ain].. Miss you all~~

Next.. my roomate~.. there are 4person in a room.. my roomate: [arif], [syafiq], [salla]... the one that teman me the most~ arif.. we often sembang anythings.. from agama to politik.. it's fun~ huhu^^..
from left to right: [arif], me

Next.. all the chinease from kuliah H3.. this photo is taken on our last day kuliah.. it's memorable!~..
Besides all this.. the story not yet end.. when you ask me what can you share about KMM.. the 1st things that come to my mind is: my class~ H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST!!!~... dont miss my story there~ coming soon..(there are too many I am going to write about my class.. I have to write on a new post or.. my fingers will injure.. huhu^^) follow me and wait my intresting story!~


  1. i m glad tat u enjoy ur studies at there.. time flies, but the memories will not fade away.... ^^eh.. i heard tat u guys know which uni u guys will go d right?

  2. quah
    i lovee this entry
    sbb ade hoo siang