Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Day

Today, 26th May 2009 will be my last day in penang again.. tomorrow will go to KL and start the another stage of my life~ uni-student life.. I like that kind of life.. freedom~ independent~ explorable~ it's fun~ but somehow.. my mind still stucking.. many things need to be settle and think about..

Just settle all my luggage.. my shirt is too many.. 1bag is insufficient.. @.@ haha~ all together I got 4 big bags to take and 2school bags on my shoulder.. it's a long journey~

My last day~ full with different kind of feeling.. exciting.. worrying.. think this.. think that.. haiz~ soon need to adjust to new environment.. new friends.. new roomates.. new classmates and new lecturer.. all this rush into my mind in a split of second.. but somehow..

I know that i can cope with this.. just like 1year ago.. go to melaka alone and explore myself..


will be my 3states that I grow at.. my memories.. my life~

need to go soon~ miss you all guys~ will only online if I got chance in UM.. take care and goodluck~

Goodluck for all those who will go to uni soon..^^

1 comment:

  1. hey , gud luck n take care ya...
    n wish u all the best ^^