Saturday, June 20, 2009

To all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST~~

This post is specially wrote for all the members of H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST..
Actually.. everytime when I am typing the words " H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST".. There is a sense of... somethings... somethings that can't explaine about.. even we are not in class H3P8 anymore.. even we are ex-matrican now.. but.. we still using the word "H3P8" to describe us.. it seem to be like it is with us since we step into KMM.. "matriculation-KMM-H3P8" three words that will automatically come to our mind when we talk about matrix..

Here.. there is some planing here..(just plan.. just want.. but not yet comfirm..).. that.. kak shishi and quah will like to organise a reunion party for H3P8 tHE bEST iN tHE bEST badge 08/09 at KL.. since most of us get ukm and upm... but maybe the plan can works.. not sure.. not everyone have free time~

There is a annoucement here.. for your information:

quah um maths
leng ukm forensic
zahidah ump engineering
adzha ukm medic
salleha (under kementerian kesihatan) nursing
shimah utm human resources
afif ums e-dagang
kak shishi upm bacelor sn pembangunan manusia
aiman none none
syimir usm nursing
seha usm maths
ayuni upm bchelor sains n ksihatan
fyqa unimap biosystem engineering
dalila upsi sns pertanian
akila utm account
hana ums food service
mas uitm sns comp
peeka uitm sns comp
p0g0h uitm sns math pengurusan

*for those who got more infomation than me.. add it to comment or contact me personally. I will update this as soon as possible..

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