Friday, June 19, 2009

A Sharp Corner in My life...

19june 2009 morning 11:37:42am, a click on my computer.. typing my ic number.. then hit send.. a page come out.. I put my head down.. my eye suddenly went blur.. from top I scanning down..

Quah Khai Yan

and.. ya.. this is me.. I am on the right page.. I keep scanning downward..


This wake me up.. UM?!.. not bad then.. my heart is burning.. exciting.. my eye turn shiny.. my blood is running fast.. suddenly....

Taniah.. Anda ditawarkan kursus yang berikut:
major maths

MY GOD!!!!.. my eye turn black.. my heart stop pumping.. my hand stun.. I open my eye and see the screen again and again.. ya.. no mistake there.. my eye is doing his job.. my eye said it's maths..

Everyone have his/her own dreams.. the ambition.. it's so important that someone have to depend on it to keep survive in this century.. me.. too.. has my own dreams.. after studied organic chemistry in matriculation,I found that the molecule is fun and I start to falling in love with her.. so I decided that pharmacy will be my future job,my career.. but.. starting from 19jun2009 morning 11:37:42am.. my thin-glass heart fall down and ~piang~.. it is broken.. I suddenly fall into darkness.. nothing..

Maths?!.. ya.. I am good in maths.. but what can I do with maths?!.. although you may say that why I am so emotion since I get into UM,dream uni for most students.. although you may say that I am so greedy that since I already has UM in my hand.. but.. here.. I want to say that:

what is the difference between 2 similar shoes with one is rm300 but the other is rm60??
The difference is that rm300 shoe has a nike logo on it but rm60 none..


I will more happy if I get a pharmacy in xxx university compared to UM maths..

I turn off my computer and lying on my bed.. keep my eye close.. ya.. somehow.. I got somethings that is related to maths.. it seem to be like I can't go on with my life without it.. everyone like/master/interest on that subject due to a particular reasons.. but if you gonna ask me why I like maths, I will thinking deep and at the end I will say.. no answer for that.. it's with me since I was born.. and.. I just like it..

Faith.. and I believe on it.. EVERYTHINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON.. my little sister tell me this.. and ya.. it's true.. when I was standard6.. my dad appy Heng Yi High School for me and I was very happy.. and I am accepted initially.. after 2days,the school call to my dad and say sorry for the mistake.. again.. my heart breaks.. and I have to take my secondary study in Sacred Heart High School.. today.. I flash back.. IF.. I don't study in SHHS, I won't succesful as what I am today.. it teach me a lot.. and I feel that I should be happy with the rejection from Heng Yi..

Again.. after SPM.. where to go?.. I have made my plan.. I wanna go for form6 and doing well there.. I brought form6 books start reading even the SPM result is not yet out.. but.. again.. a sharp corner.. I get matrix.. after doing a hard decition.. I go.. and.. from 12may2008 till 17april2009.. I NEVER REGRET I WAS THERE.. and I have a wonderful 18 in KMM.. the memories.. bury deep in soul.. I won't get this if I go for form6..

Now.. I plan to go for pharmacy.. but it turn out to be maths.. and now.. I believe in faith.. it should lead me to where I should be.. may be I will glad that I get this and not pharmacy..

My life is changes from stage to stage.. and every stage I grow.. I learn.. I fall and I get up and continue my time line.. sometime the decition is not in our hand.. we have to accept the harsh decition and keep it on with a pure heart full with hope.. and may be someday.. you will find that this should be the path you should take..


  1. is really and somehow full of choices...I know we can do and choose our choice...but somehow it's never as good as our dream....bcoz ppl always ignore the existance of accident and i also dunno wat to do...maybe we should like Nike said...Just Do it..?? maybe but how many ppl can do it le??....speechless...

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  3. hello kent (:
    congrates oke
    u did a good job
    u penah denga kan
    ade hikmah die sebalek semue ni?